About Us

InSeasonMarket is a project created with the purpose of delivering fresh organic food to local consumers.

Local Farms and Micro-Farmers go to the site, add their products which are then available for purchase.

All farms have been inspected by Organic Farm inspectors & guarantee that their products are of the highest quality and freshness.

People can use InSeasonMarket to augment their existing shopping list, take the opportunity to buy from a local farmer, or save a trip to the supermarket.

At this time – InSeasonMarket only has two delivery options, the farmer can deliver the product, or the purchaser can pickup the product from the farm.

Local farmers and micro-farms are also encouraged to add their farms to the site. The sites product offering will expand as more farmers join on and add products.

InSeasonMarket was created with the purpose giving customers the opportunity to purchase fresh, local, organic food from farmers in the community where they live. We hope that you are as excited as us to have a new avenue of purchasing fresh, local, organic food.

Please take this opportunity to browse the site for something you are interested in purchasing, or if you are a farmer, something you are interested in selling.